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My husband and I fell in love with the wonderful people at BrickHouse Pups. The work ethic and compassion that Sam and Cole have for their puppies is amazing. We could tell from our first interaction with them that this wasn’t just their job, their hearts were completely in it! Since we brought our little boy home the journey has just gotten better and better. Our  puppy was pretty much potty trained for us and they handled all his vaccinations and socialization. They made our journey so much easier than any other experience we have had with other breeders! – Indiana
Our experience with BrickHouse Pups and Samantha was the best! We had recently lost a very special senior Schnauzer and we were ready to bring a new pup into our home. Sam was so kind and understanding and helped us find a great match for our family. The Puppy Care book she sent home with us has been VERY helpful! I know BrickHouse Pups truly cares about each puppy’s happiness and our puppy, Winston, is well adjusted and fitting in nicely. Just got back from his first vet visit and he got a clean bill of health!! HIGHLY Recommend! – Indiana
I just want to give a big thank you to BrickHouse Pups for the exceptional service that we had with them. We are very blessed to have found Lunna (formally Polly). She has brought great joy into our lives! It was a great pleasure to work with BrickHouse Pups and purchase our puppy! – Michigan
Outstanding experience!!! When I started looking for my next miniature schnauzer I didn’t really know what I was doing. I wanted a responsible and quality breeder. I came across BrickHouse Pups and from my first call with Sam I knew I had found the best breeder out there. What I liked so much was that my Daisy came with some food to start her out with, treats, a toy, pillow and a binder to help make the transition easier for both of us. One of the perks is once you make your deposit, Sam will send pictures and video one to two times a week until you pick up your puppy. The binder that I got with Daisy has made life with a puppy so much more manageable. The potty and crate training chart has made establishing a routine so simple. I can tell how well taken care my Daisy was while she was with BrickHouse Pups by how well behaved she has been since I picked her up. Sam was always available to answer questions and she helped me get ready for bringing Daisy home. I can not thank Sam and everyone at BrickHouse Pups for all the love and care they gave Daisy for the first nine weeks of her life! – Illinois
I got Buddy for my husband who had dementia for companionship. My husband has passed and now Buddy is my companion. Cole and Samantha were wonderful when we were looking to get a puppy, very loving and caring. Buddy is so smart, very sweet and loving. I can’t thank BrickHouse Pups enough for giving so much care to their pups. – Indiana
BrickHouse Pups and Samantha were absolutely amazing in adopting our 2nd Westie puppies. We adopted our first Westie a month ago and they are slowly getting acquainted. I must say that Samantha has made this an amazing experience. She shows such care and attention to detail throughout the process. I’m so grateful for her friendship and guidance in the process. She is indeed the epitome of a caring professional. – Indiana
I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful Samantha and BrickHouse Pups has been in filling my house with Westie love again. I lost my dear Westie companions in late 2023. It was devastating for me. Samantha and Cole were so understanding and wanted to help with the grieving process and help move ahead into the next chapter of my life. I have now added a wonderful Westie male to my household. And, within a few weeks we will be adding a female Westie from BrickHouse Pups! Samantha and BrickHouse Pups have made this such a pleasant experience. Samantha and Cole are true friends! – Indiana
It is not possible to write enough positive comments to accurately reflect how unquestionably wonderful it is to work with Samantha and have a BrickHouse Pup. Samantha is as professional as she is warm and accommodating. She has an unrivaled understanding of breeding and caring for adult dogs and their puppies. She is unfailingly available to answer questions. She is as knowledgeable as she is patient. I researched multiple breeders, and spoke with at least half a dozen. By far Samantha was the most responsive, caring, and knowledgeable. And the puppy!! She is healthy, bright, listens well, and slept through the night as soon as we brought her home. Did I mention there were breeders much closer to home, but we traveled 250 miles to pick up our new family member. I would definitely do it again. Obviously, I recommend BrickHouse Pups without reservation. P.S. Be sure not to confuse with ‘Brick House Puppies’ – it is not the same breeder. – Ohio
What an absolute amazing experience we had! From the time I first called Samantha to inquire until the day we brought Ziva home! We were able to go play with Ziva 2 times before we brought her home. The very first meeting we already had her name picked out so Samantha started calling her that right away. When we brought her home, she already knew her name! It was especially nice that she sent pictures and videos several times a week so we could see her grow and anticipate the day she came home. I mean very much when I say that BrickHouse Pups and Samantha were a gift from God! Since we lost our Winnie Pooh, I didn’t know where to start but I just found them online. We highly recommend! I’ve never had as good experience as what I’ve had with them! Truly a blessing! – Indiana
We love our little Howard. He is so handsome and sweet! BrickHouse Pups are great to work with and they have happy and healthy pups! Samantha answered all of our questions and they are a great ministry to support!! They know so much and are always willing to learn more. Took Howie to his first puppy class and he did great! I was so proud of him!!! Thanks, BrickHouse Pups for our great puppy. Blessings to you all!  – Indiana
I found BrickHouse Pups online after doing an extensive search for a quality and responsible breeder. BrickHouse Pups is absolutely wonderful. Samantha takes excellent care of the puppies and their parents. My husband and I decided now was the time to make a new addition to our family, waiting until we were both retired and had lots of time to devote to a new puppy. I told some friends of ours that we were going to Indiana to meet a puppy, they have been looking for a small dog also. They decided to go with us, and we fell in love with Mary, and Job, sister and brother mini schnauzers. Now named Millie and Finley. Samantha kept us updated daily with pictures and videos until we could go back and pick up the puppies.
These puppies are so loved, and will get to grow up having lots of play dates together. Brickhouse Puppies were extremely easy to work with , and they are not only incredible breeders, they fund a foster family mission. – Kentucky
We would never get a puppy from anyone else! BrickHouse Pups are the nicest people and we now have the sweetest puppy!  – Ohio
Our fur baby is now 4 months. She puts herself to bed around 10:30pm and sleeps all night. She has done this since the day we brought her home. Stella is almost potty trained, knows the commands “sit”, “no”, “food”, “treat”, “flip-it” (when playing frisbee), and just mastered a dog puzzle. Stella has had 3 hair cuts, loves to be brushed, plays well with other dogs and enjoys her backyard pool on hot days. Stella also enjoys and looks forward to being rocked at bedtime. We give credit to BrickHouse Pups for Stella’s accomplishments. Samantha at BrickHouse Pups provided excellent care, training and preparation for coming to our home. Sam provided continuous communication and updated us with pictures and videos of Stella’s development from birth. We are so grateful to have found BrickHouse Pups and highly recommend this breeder!  – Indiana
I had the best experience. Samantha was very accommodating and made time for me to visit with my pup before purchasing to ensure it would be a good fit. Any questions I had, she thoroughly answered and ensured that this process went as smoothly as possible! – Indiana
I am a first-time pet owner who had many desires and reservations about adding a puppy to my life. Samantha was extremely patient, honest and encouraging throughout the entire process. I am so in love with my Miniature Schnauzer and not be happier. It is very clear that BrickHouse Pups took great care of him and set him up for success. Lastly, it was comforting to know that he was already microchipped and had numerous vaccinations. If you are considering adding a pup to your family, BrickHouse Pups is the perfect place to find the best match!  – Indiana
My wife and I recently acquired our first “fur baby” through BrickHouse Pups. We are overjoyed, happy and excited having this new addition to our family. Our miniature schnauzer is so awesome and wonderful and has adapted extremely well to his new home. Thank you to BrickHouse Pups (Samantha and her husband), for your care and love in preparing our puppy for his new forever family! The process in our adoption was extremely smooth and informative. Our puppy was already micro chipped, immunized, and filled with love from the BrickHouse team. We also really love that proceeds from BrickHouse puppy sales help to support a foster families ministry. Thank you so much, BrickHouse Pups!!  –  Indiana
BrickHouse Pups is amazing! We visited from Michigan to choose our baby Havanese girl and were so glad we found them. Samantha constantly kept us up to date as we waited for our Zellie to get old enough to bring home. She sent videos of her son playing with Zellie. They are truly devoted to the puppies well-being! Our Zellie is now 6 months old and is smart, healthy and outgoing. We would not hesitate to choose BrickHouse Pups again in the future for a loving puppy. Keep up the great work!  – Michigan
We loved the vision for BrickHouse Pups. We love our Harry and he is a very loving dog and so funny. Our whole family adores him. He has been so much fun. He is still so cute and we can’t believe he is already a year old. Thank you and I will always recommend BrickHouse Pups!  – Kentucky
Very nice people and our Carter was very clean and a happy puppy. I am recommending anyone that would like to adopt a puppy to go to BrickHouse Pups! We love our puppy, Carter!   Indiana
Best experience I’ve had. They were very friendly and let us meet and spend time with the puppies we were interested in before purchasing our new forever furry friend. It truly felt like we were with family through the whole experience. Love my new puppy!  – Indiana
Samantha and Cole were so easy to work with to get our forever puppy. They answered every question we ever sent (and there were a lot). Once we decided on our specific pup they sent pictures and videos so we could stay in touch with her. In a very short period of time, they felt like family. They have an amazing gift in raising puppies that are healthy, easy to train and so lovable. Our Zoie at 2 1/2 months already knows what going outside means and is sleeping 7 hours a night. She loves to play and definitely loves to cuddle on your lap. Ours was the best experience ever!!  –  Indiana
Our experience at BrickHouse Pups was fantastic! Our puppy was clean, vaccinated, microchipped and happy. Working with Samantha was a pleasure. They provided excellent written materials to bring home, as well as, a toy, blanket and toothbrush. They immediately updated AKC ownership. This is a highly professional and friendly organization. Our puppy is adjusting well to her new home, and we are in love with her. We plan on working with BrickHouse Pups in the future.  – Indiana
What an incredible experience that I will never forget or regret. After the passing of my 2 shelter rescue dogs, I was grieving the loss of my 2 best friends. When my heart was ready, I visited BrickHouse Pups and met Sophie. Her quiet and smart personality convinced me I couldn’t live without her. Thank you for providing a very friendly environment for meeting the puppies. Vet checked, vaccinations, microchip, information, blanket and toy were provided. BrickHouse Pups…your mission of 100% of profits to help children in need of foster families was the icing on the cake! Thank you! –  Indiana

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