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Frequently Asked Questions

We are in the puppy business because we believe the world needs more joy! Puppies have the ability to bring a smile to the face of almost anyone.  It gives us great satisfaction to provide high-quality care and personal attention to each of our puppies, knowing that they will be a source of joy for so many people for years to come.

To begin the process, please contact us to discuss selecting the perfect puppy. Next, you will be required to place a deposit, which is $500 and non-refundable. Your deposit can be transferred up to two times or held for one year. If you are local, deposits can be made in person with cash, personal check (Indiana residents only), or a cashier’s check. All checks and cashier checks must be made out to BrickHouse Pups in order to be accepted. You can also place a deposit using a credit card. Credit card payments are subject to an additional 3% merchant fee. Please note, we cannot hold a puppy until the deposit has been placed and confirmed.

After confirming your deposit, we will contact you to schedule a day to pick up your puppy or make travel arrangements for your puppy (if applicable). If your puppy is old enough to go home, you will have two weeks from the date the deposit is placed to pick up your puppy. If the puppy you choose is not old enough to go home, we will hold the puppy up to, but no more than, two weeks from their go home date. If a puppy is not at least 2 pounds or is not fit to go home, we will hold them until we deem them fit, free of charge. If you cannot pick up your puppy within the two-week time frame, you must request the extended stay to be approved by management. If we agree to hold your puppy, you must pay for your puppy in full upon approval and will be subject to boarding fees.

Upon picking up the puppy, or the day before travel arrangements for the puppy, the remainder of the balance for your puppy must be paid in full. We accept Credit or Debit and in-state (Indiana) personal checks, cashier’s checks or cash. Please be advised, if you choose to pick up your puppy from our location, we must charge a 7% Indiana sales tax on your puppy. If we travel to meet you, the applicable State sales tax will be charged based on your state of residence. This amount may not be included in the price given to you upon visiting or calling.

Ultimately, it is up to BrickHouse Pups to decide if a puppy is a good fit for a family. If we feel a puppy will not do well in a certain home environment, due to size, age, personality conflicts, and/or any other concerns we will not proceed with the adoption request. We retain the right to refuse the sale of any puppy to any individual. ​


All puppies can be picked up at our BrickHouse Pups location in Van Buren, Indiana. We will schedule with you the date and time for pick-up.


Our staff may be able to drive to meet customers, but arrangements must be scheduled in advance. We travel 150 miles one way, and the fee is $0.75/mile round trip in addition to the cost of the puppy. If you live out-of-state, applicable State sales tax based on your state of residence will be added. Your total fee will include puppy price, your state sales tax and delivery fee. Please contact us to discuss and we can provide an estimate cost for travel and availability.


Due to limited flights available and airline restrictions, we are unable to offer airline shipping. You are welcome to fly to our location to pick up your puppy. However, due to COVID airline policies you will need to verify airline requirements for in-cabin pet travel. When booking your in-cabin pet travel, the information shown on an airline’s website may not match new policies. We recommend calling the airline to confirm. When looking into your flight options, you will want to check: age and weight restrictions, rabies and vaccination requirements and health certificate requirements. 

We can meet you at the Fort Wayne Airport (FWA) with your puppy for an additional $200 or the Indianapolis Airport (IND) for an additional $450. This needs to be scheduled with us in advance to confirm staff availability. We recommend checking our availability prior to booking your flight. Please note, if you would like to fly into FWA or IND and drive to our location, you will need to take care of Uber, Lyft or car rental details.

If your airline requires us to supply a health certificate for the puppy, that is an additional $100 fee. We will need to know the exact date of your flight 10 days prior to travel to make a vet appointment for the puppy. You can bring your own airline-approved soft crate but if you would like to purchase one from us, that is an additional $60.

Our purebred puppies are all priced with limited registration, which means they are being adopted into a non-breeding, pet only home. The puppy can participate in some AKC events, such as agility and obedience, but the puppy will not be able to be shown in conformation competitions nor be able to have registered puppies in the future. Most BrickHouse Pups go home with limited registration, as they are adopted to be loved family pets. On select puppies, full registration is available. If you are looking to breed or show in the future, contact us about the specifics on each puppy. All mixed-breed puppies are registered with AKC’s Canine Partners Program. This means even though the puppy is not a purebred, they do come from two purebred parents.

We estimate to the best of our ability the size, color, and hair types of our puppies based on their parents. We simply cannot guarantee your pup will mature to a specific size, have a particular coat type, or stay a specific color. Prior to going home, our puppies are vaccinated against the following: Parvovirus, Distemper, Adenovirus, Kennel Cough, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis (age-dependent), and Rabies (age-dependent). Our puppies are also dewormed weekly from two weeks to six weeks old with Pyrantel-50.

The puppy MUST be examined by the buyer’s veterinarian within seven (7) days for this guarantee to be valid. Your new puppy is guaranteed against viral diseases up to seven (7) days beyond the date that the puppy is taken home. If the veterinarian finds abnormal results in the exam (apart from any imperfection that was made known to the new owner at the time of sale), the breeder (BrickHouse Pups) must be contacted within 72 hours and copies of the vet report(s) supplied to us. After this is provided, the Breeder (BrickHouse Pups) will offer a reimbursement or solution based on the veterinarian’s findings. In case of a puppy’s death within the seven (7) day period, an autopsy must be arranged and paid for by the new owner, and findings must be submitted to the Breeder before any exchange will be made.

Your new puppy is also guaranteed up to, and no more than, one (1) year from purchase date against major genetic defects, affecting the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. If the examining veterinarian concludes that the puppy has a serious genetic illness, the Breeder must be notified, and proper documentation provided to the Breeder by the veterinarian. The breeder may require a second opinion depending on the findings. Once all is received and reviewed, the new owner will have the option to bring the puppy back in exchange for another puppy of equal or lesser value OR a reimbursement (whether in part or in full) will be provided at the Breeder’s discretion. At no time will your credit exceed the purchase price of your puppy. The Breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills you incur with your new puppy.

The Breeder can assume no responsibility for the puppy after leaving the premises for any medical expense, death, allergies, training difficulties, behavior issues, etc, though we are dedicated to the well-being of the puppy both before and after it goes to its new home. We CANNOT guarantee a puppy for breeding or showing purposes, even when sold with full registration. We will give our professional opinion on whether a puppy may or may not be breeding/show quality, but it cannot be guaranteed.

This guarantee DOES NOT INCLUDE the following: Hypoglycemia, Colds/Upper Respiratory Infection, Coccidia, Giardia, and Other Minor Illnesses. If your puppy begins showing signs of hypoglycemia as outlined in the puppy guide book, the breeder must be notified immediately to help find solutions. At no time will the breeder give reimbursement for a puppy diagnosed with or treated for hypoglycemia.

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold a puppy for any duration of time without a deposit. We do understand that you may need time to think about such a large decision, and we appreciate that you do so. Unfortunately, some customers have decided that a certain puppy is not the right one for them. Every minute of holding a puppy may lead to the puppy missing out on a wonderful family who is very interested in receiving them. If you are ready to adopt, a deposit is absolutely required. This deposit will hold the puppy up to two weeks after their go home date.

As the cost involved in raising puppies increases, we make adjustments as needed. From food, toys, bedding and vaccines, to everything in between, costs are factored into the price for our puppies. Our staff is dedicated to our puppies and dogs to ensure they receive the attention they deserve. Working closely with our vet is also factored into the price. Not only do we ensure the puppies are happy and healthy, we send them home with their own individual BrickHouse Pups Care Package to ensure that their happiness and healthiness continues throughout their transition into their new home. We also factor in the price that a puppy is worth, which is determined by several things including the following: their own excellent quality; the time, care, and commitment that we put into raising each puppy; our dedication to ensuring the best care for the parents; and providing the best possible living quarters and play areas for our dogs and puppies. Lastly it is our duty to remain not only compliant with state and federal laws, but also be above the standard they set forth. Therefore, we ensure the safety, cleanliness, and beauty of our dog’s and puppies’ living quarters.

This tends to be one of the top questions asked by many new potential puppy owners. As far as puppies go, the general rule is that female dogs tend to be more independent and reserved. While they are still loving and loyal to their owners, they do not require all the affection that a male dog might desire. Male dogs tend to be more affectionate and attentive. In some cases, temperament will be determined by the dog’s personality and not their gender. If you are not going to breed your dog, we do highly suggest having your dog spayed or neutered, which in turn will help “mellow out” your dog’s temperament.

If you already have a male or a female, a dog of the opposite sex is generally the best choice. If you already have a male dog, he is likely to be more accepting of a female and you are likely to have fewer dominance issues. However, if you opt to have two males, they can often co-exist peacefully and may even become friends. If you already have a female dog, she is likely to be more accepting of a male, as most males tend to be submissive.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, in-state (Indiana) personal checks, cashier’s checks, and cash. All checks must be made out to BrickHouse Pups or they will not be accepted. All credit card payments will be subject to an additional 3% merchant fee.

All BrickHouse Pups will go home with a one-year health guarantee on major genetic defects and will be up-to-date on vaccinations, deworming, examinations, and will also be micro-chipped. A BrickHouse puppy is sent to its new home with our Puppy Care package which includes a toy and blanket, and a sample of puppy food and treats. All vaccination and health records will be sent home with the puppy as well. Each puppy also gets prepaid AKC registration (purebred), a BrickHouse Pups Guide Book created just for our new families, a Potty Training schedule, a Feeding Chart, and enrollment for the puppy’s microchip. We also enroll each puppy into AKC’s Puppy Protection Package, which includes a complimentary office visit at a veterinarian in the AKC network, enrollment into AKC Lost Dog Recovery Program and the AKC GoodDog! Helpline, a year subscription to the AKC Family Dog magazine and an AKC puppy guidebook.

Sadly, the answer is NO. The earliest any and all puppies can go home is 9 weeks of age. This is not a negotiable date. In some cases, for smaller puppies in particular, you will not be able to take your puppy home until they are at least 2 pounds, which may be after 9 weeks of age. In order to give our puppies the best possible start in life, we must keep them where we can oversee their safety, comfort, and health overall as they grow. We will not allow puppies to join their new family until we are confident in a puppy’s ability to eat and play on their own while in their new environment. With our puppies’ health and best interest in mind, it is ultimately up to BrickHouse Pups to decide when a puppy is fit to go home.

All our puppies eat Purina ProPlan food which is made specifically for small breed puppies. If you would like to switch your puppy to a different type of food after they get home, we suggest mixing it half and half with the food and gradually weaning off Purina ProPlan food. We send home a feeding chart with each puppy so our customers can be confident in how much their puppy should be eating. During the first few days of having your new puppy, as they adjust to their new home, they may not eat the total amount their feeding chart says they should. If your puppy is eating consistently, this will not be an issue. Within a week, the puppy should regain their full appetite. You must ensure that your puppy is eating! Going a full day without food will cause your puppy’s glucose levels to drop and they will likely become hypoglycemic. If you are concerned about how little your puppy is eating, you may place small amounts of canned food, boiled chicken, or meat-based baby food on top of the hard food. This will entice the puppy to eat, however these foods have a higher fat content and should not be fed unless you are trying to get your puppy to gain weight or eat more. If your puppy continues to not eat well, place one or two drops of Karo syrup on top of their food to help boost the puppy’s glucose levels. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to call us!

Our website is regularly updated with the most recent information available. Puppies also get updated photos taken every two weeks, so if you haven’t seen new photos in a while, they are probably on the way. We do take requests just in case you’re hoping to see a different angle. If you have recently adopted your puppy and would like updates, let us know. We will gladly send you photos and videos every two weeks so you can watch your pet grow before your eyes.

At BrickHouse Pups, our greatest joy is seeing a strong relationship form between our precious puppies and the families who take them home. And because there are many children in our communities living without a family, 100% of our profits go to help local foster and adoptive families. By purchasing a BrickHouse Pup, you’re investing in a better world – one puppy and one family at a time.

We work hard to raise healthy, happy puppies. Beyond raising healthy puppies, we keep our dogs and puppies groomed every 2 – 4 weeks. We also spend time with camera in hand, ready to catch the perfect picture of our puppies. We love to assist new puppy owners find the perfect companion for their lifestyle. Our personal favorite chore, is taking time to do the most important thing…sit down and play with cute puppies!

We are here to help bring joy to families one puppy at a time!

When the day comes to pick up your puppy, we recommend you bring a few items with you. It would still be a good idea to bring a travel crate. We recommend a crate big enough for your puppy to stand up, turn around, and lay down. Another option is to bring a topless box instead of a crate which is a great alternative.

If you plan on making stops on your way home, we also advise bringing a leash and a collar or harness. For puppies under 12 weeks a size extra-small will fit best. Typically, a cat leash has a smaller, lighter clasp that will be easier for the puppies.

A small dish for water may be a good idea for stops made along the way. Small baggies to clean up after your puppy after potty breaks may be needed as well. If you are traveling 3 hours or less, you likely will not need to stop for your puppy if you give them time to potty beforehand.

We recommend treats for your puppy because they are small and delectable which comes in handy during the training process. We suggest the chicken flavor but there are a variety of flavors and your puppy will most certainly have their own opinions on their favorites.

As your puppy ages, harder treats are great for teething puppies who are more inclined to chew on hard objects during the teething process to help remove their baby teeth. Dental treats are great for encouraging dental health by removing plaque and keeping your dog’s breath fresh.

Young puppies tend to love plush toys that squeak as it encourages their playful nature. As they age you may find they also enjoy ropes to tug on, tennis balls to chase and chew on, and cow hooves to gnaw on, as it helps with their teething and keeping their mouth clean.

Hypo-allergenic non-shedding dogs are wonderful for allergy sufferers, and it is easier to maintain a level of cleanliness in your home. The hair of a non-shedding dog is like humans – it will grow continuously and when brushing, some hair may naturally fall out. The ear hair of a non-shedding dog must be “plucked” or removed because it will not naturally fall out. If this hair is not removed on a regular basis, it will grow in excess and hold dirt which potentially causes your dog to get ear infections.

At BrickHouse Pups your puppy will be exposed to having their nails trimmed, their rear hair trimmed, and the hair by their eyes trimmed starting at the age of 2 weeks old. Starting at 4 weeks of age, your puppy will be exposed to being bathed, hand dried, and brushed. They will also have the hair trimmed between their pads, their ears cleaned and ear hair removed. Puppies will be bathed and groomed every 2 to 4 weeks depending on their individual needs. In most cases, except for the Miniature Schnauzer breed, your puppy will not have any other hair on their body actually “groomed” or cut. Their hair will be allowed to grow at its own rate, and they will continue to get fluffier (and adorable) as time passes. Miniature Schnauzer pups will receive their first puppy cut between 6-8 weeks of age.

Once a puppy goes home, we recommend bathing every 4 to 6 weeks. Bathing them at a more frequent rate could make the natural oil levels of their skin to decrease causing dry skin which may become irritable to the puppy. We recommend an oatmeal-based shampoo, which is very soothing on the skin, as well as conditioner (in small amounts) to keep your puppy’s coat shiny and beautiful.

For our dogs and puppies, we use wire combs which works best for detangling and preventing static. Brushing your dog on a regular basis is recommended to keep them tangle free and more likely to enjoy their time being brushed and groomed.

Trimming nails on a regular basis is also recommended to keep your puppy in good health and as comfortable as possible.

Many customers want to know what kind of cut to tell their groomer to give their dog or puppy. For Schnauzers and Westies, we simply recommend the standard cut for their breeds. For all other breeds we recommend a “puppy cut” which means all the hair will be roughly cut to the same length.

While we understand that your current furry family member is going to need to approve of your newest addition, we unfortunately cannot allow outside canine visitors. To protect and safeguard the health and well-being of our puppies, we do not allow visitors to bring their dogs.

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